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Some will work.
Some won't.
Moving on.

Williams Sonoma Pillows...nice.

side yard

Still trying to fix my problems... :)

Problems with format

I'm having problems with my pictures being cut off. I've loaded these off the web and the right side is cut off. Any help would be GREATLY appreciated. Merci.


A quiet day

My hopes for a little after-Christmas shopping are gone.
My littlest one is sick.
He woke up with a stomach bug...I hope it is short lived.
He is so cute, I hate to see him down for long.
I think,
quite possibly,
I could sit and stare
at this kitchen all day.

(photo: Home Beautiful Magazine and Brown Button: Close to Home blog)


Paperwhite Envy

photo: walter chandoha
Most every year...
I plant paperwhites.
This year,
I blew them off.
Said I didn't have
the time or money.
I had other priorities.

But seeing these pictures..

gives me regret.

Because I love this part...

the just getting started.

Oh. So. Pretty.

photo: robbie caponetto

photo: robbie caponetto


These are amazing.

This reminds me
of the
2nd Bridget Jones movie...
where she runs down the street
in her underwear while it is snowing.

(Stephanie Rogers.typepad)

I think
I'll check out
the paperwhites
at Smith & Hawken tomorrow.
They are usually 1/2 price
the day after Christmas.
But you have to get there early.
I will have
after all.


Mental note to self...

(Country Homes & Interiors Nov 08)
Mental note to self:
Clean up coat rack area to resemble this.
15 pieces of outerwear,
3 backpacks,
2 dogleashes,
baseball caps,
pile of books
Add in
cool chair,
fresh flowers
Wal-la. Done.


Lucky me.

I love to yard sale and I love thrift stores.


I love finding something really cool.

I found these Portieux Vallerysthal blue opaline goblets recently. They were tucked way back on a shelf close to the floor. The tag indicated they had been there over a month.

A set of 18.

I went home and thought about them.

I did some research.

I watched a set of 8 sell on Ebay for $350.

I went back the next day with my fingers crossed.

They were waiting for me.

The sweet little old lady wrapped them up and put them in a box for me.

I handed her $18 and brought them home.

Not sure where I would use them...

I decided they looked perfect with my transferware.

I love the idea of using them on a tray like this.

I bet my friend Linda (aka Tropical Home)

could suggest a good drink to serve in them.

Photo: Peter Christiansen Valli

Shrimp on Grit Toast

This year for Thanksgiving
my sister-in-law
Shrimp on Grits Toast.
Oh my.
So good.

Here she is...
"shaking things up".
She likes to put
her own spin on things.
you can spin these to me
any day of the week!
Check out the Paula Deen recipe here:

Oooooooooh. My.

I have not been able to load pictures for several days...
operator error I'm sure!
(Photo: Architectural Digest)
This is Diane Keaton's kitchen...sigh.
I can only dream.


Running on busy...

Country Living Magazine


Please...let me go to sleep and wake up tomorrow with this bedroom!

I love this bedroom.
Love, love, LOVE this bedroom.
I've already got the bedskirt,
the bedding
and the headboard without the black trim.
I think I'm 1/2 way there.
I wonder what color those walls are?
Just what I need...more paint colors to think about.
After the holidays settle down...I'm going to focus on making this mine. :)


a lamp idea...

I've been watching the piece on the right.

At Pier 1.

It's on sale...$25 from $50.

It's big like these...

and this is what I'd like to do with them.

My store has 2 left.

It doesn't really "read" like the typical blue & white to me...
maybe it's more creamy
or maybe there just isn't as much blue.
Anyway :)
I like them.
I'd like to have a table skirt made
out of some brown and white Lauri Smith fabric I have.
To cover an old cafe table I bought
at a yard sale recently for $5.

I think the blue pot on top would look perfect.

I've got them on hold until tomorrow.


hello blog world...

A Ginger Barber Design

My F I R S T post.

Welcome Me!