Garden Shed Love

Photo via Laura Casey Interiors (not sure who gets the credit though)


Christmas Drive-Bys

I've been carrying my camera with me everywhere lately...
the Christmas decorations have been so pretty.
While driving through Homewood, Alabama the other day,
I snapped a couple of pictures.

This door was lovely.

This house is one of my all-time favorites.
It sits on a corner and just looks oh-so-cozy tucked in among the shrubs.
Sorry I didn't get a full shot.
The wreath was the icing on the cake.

This house has been mentioned around blogland recently...look at all that china! :)

I had to keep driving as the yard-man was watching me and I felt like a total stalker. To check out the blog...go here.

Happy Holidays Sweet Blogland Friends!


Southern Real Estate #2

For Sale
Birmingham, AL
Mountain Brook

To see the entire listing...click here.

Holiday Wreath

Love this wreath...
and check out that door color! :)

via Sarah's Fab Day here.