Painting today...

My husband is grilling and the second we finish eating our Memorial Day dinner...the kitchen is getting a fresh coat of paint. We have been working on our kitchen for a year and a half... Other things like (KIDS) always seem to get in the way. The new appliances started rolling in several years ago...then the granite and most recently the cabinets got new paint and knobs. Still left to do is lighting and new pantry doors. The ceiling is a pale blue that I don't really like because it doesn't really show up...so that will probably change to a cream.

The old paint color is BM Woodlawn Blue and the new is Aqua Mist or something like that from Lowes. Not a big difference, but hopefully will look nice and fresh. I hope I have some pics to share soon.

In the meantime...I'm loving this from here: http://www.etsy.com/view_listing.php?listing_id=17429319 .


container gardens

I'm looking for some planting inspiration...

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Barstools done right

Atlanta Homes and Lifestyles


Freshening up

I've had this picture for awhile and never tire of it. I feel some bedroom freshening ideas stirring around in my head. :)

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Happy Friday

imagine via Country Living