A case of the "I wants" and some cute grey houses

I wants...
some of these (these 3 to be exact)

and this (with some new shades)

and this beautiful runner

and oh yes, this please


and this
and all this too...
maybe this

And then I'd like to be invited in for a tour of this...

and this

and after seeing these spooky window boxes, this

Um.  Yes.  Please.
 This was my favorite (I think it was the kitty part)

And this house trimmed out in orange...

If I could figure out some of these changes at Blogger, I might come around more often.  So frustrating...it's hard not being a genius!  :)



Via Brabourne Farm Blog...source unknown

The simplicity of this makes me smile...
Sorry I'm so stagnate...busy summer days! :)


I could kick back here for a spell...

To see the rest of the property...go here.



country living
via Marley&Lockyer blog



A happy front door

While driving the backroads of Alabama recently...we've passed this wonderful old house several times. Yesterday, I had my husband pull over so I could take a quick picture. Quite charming, no?


How gorgeous is this?

photo: this lovely blogger

I keep staring at it...
perfection in my book.
Anyone know where one might acquire the artwork?
That is...if it is "acquirable?" :)


Eye Candy

(a rather large picture...click to view in full)


These guys are amazing...


Up for Sale

This color combination takes my breath away. See the whole house here.

Love this room.
Check out the rest of the house here.


Painted Outdoor Furniture

I recently bought 2 chairs like this and spotted a couple more a few weeks ago for a good price. 2 are black and 2 are white. But this look is SO. MUCH. FUN. I don't have a table...but figure I could work that out later. I never even thought about painting them fun colors like these. So many fun things to consider... :)

Picture from this fun blog!


Slipcover Perfection

I almost wrecked my car yesterday driving past this Slipcover Shop. These chairs were BE-uuuuuuuu-tiful! Oatmeal colored linen...a chocolate band...sweet perfection. They would make me so happy if they were in my house. I just don't have room. Boo-hoo.

I called the lady and got her prices. The lady I normally use charges $225 per wing. This lady charges $285 with the band. Of course all that doesn't include the cost of the fabric...and you need about 8 yards of solid and 1/2 yard of colored.

I wonder how they would look with the skirt just skimming the feet...like a 3/4 skirt? I must stop thinking about this...I have laundry to do.

I bet Ginger Barber would like these. :)

**edited to add...I just noticed those two chairs are just a smidge different...see how the backs curve a bit differently? Can you tell I keep coming back to these pics? sigh...



Isn't this painting AWESOME??!!
To me it is and the price was even better...$10.

I totally love his hair...

The colors in this pillow...oh sigh.

And a shot of my new chairs...they need some work...but I'm not worried.
$150 for 4 chairs and a glass-topped table.
I hope to sell the table (that I don't need) and recoup most of my money.

These are not the exact chairs I wanted.
I want some just like the ones I donated 10 years ago after buying a new dining room set and having no where to store them.
My stomach still feels the dread when I think of how foolish I was.
Actually, I blame my husband.
He knew how excited I was about the new set...
and took that opportunity to unload what he saw as ugly.
No worries though...I like the thrill of the hunt.
And when I find the 6 chairs I want...all will be good in my world of faux bamboo.


I've had this in the back of my mind for awhile.

I just didn't expect to luck into one when I did the other day. I saw...I gasped...the people in the store laughed at me. I clutched my heart and declared true love. $85 later...she was mine.

My husband on the other hand...did not gasp. He stared in horror at what I brought home. I knew he wouldn't like it...however...it is growing on him. And he loves me...happy wife...happy life, right? :)

We hung it up in the kitchen over the pine farmhouse table. The shades didn't come with it, but from Pottery Barn several years ago and I love how they toned down the glare of the bare bulbs. I know what you are thinking...chinoiserie and pine? Huh? But yeah...I'm loving it.

We've still got a few kinks to work out...always do when dealing with old light fixtures. I think that is the part that really annoys my husband.

I think a paint job may be in it's future...to tie it in with the new chairs I bought...to go with the new light fixture yesterday. One thing ALWAYS leads to another in my household.

My husband rolled over in bed this morning and told me I was starting to act like the Federal Government with all my spending lately. He's a funny guy... :)

More pics to come when I get everything all polished up and purdy lookin'.


Phoebe Howard

credit: Phoebe Howard
...certainly knows how to put together a lovely room. Gorgeous.


Blues and Greens

source: Realty South

So loverly. :)



I love the idea of using some old shutters inside like this. My friend Amber pointed me in the direction of this blog from a store in Arizona. Lots of great pictures to inspire!


Kitchen Love

Good gravy do I like this kitchen.
Honestly, it's more like I love this kitchen.
And most of the other rooms in the house too.
I have never seen cabinets like these beside the stove.
...please gimme.
And the built-ins next to those botanicals...lovely. Gimme some of those too.

And the marble. oh, oh, oh.
gimme, gimme, gimme!!!!
The oversize hardware...fantastico!

See the rest of it right here.


Poi-ple Twoooo-lips

I bought this blue vase at the thrift store this week for $6.88. I really wanted some white tulips but WalMart was fresh out. I think these purple ones are probably even lovlier than the white.
My husband just called from WalMart...I told him to look for white tulips...to match all the white snow we got today. Plus, I have another empty vase that needs to be filled. It has been a snowy and most beautiful day here in Birmingham.

My daughter pointed out the man on the tree next door with snow on his eyebrows...