How gorgeous is this?

photo: this lovely blogger

I keep staring at it...
perfection in my book.
Anyone know where one might acquire the artwork?
That is...if it is "acquirable?" :)


Eye Candy

(a rather large picture...click to view in full)


These guys are amazing...


Up for Sale

This color combination takes my breath away. See the whole house here.

Love this room.
Check out the rest of the house here.


Painted Outdoor Furniture

I recently bought 2 chairs like this and spotted a couple more a few weeks ago for a good price. 2 are black and 2 are white. But this look is SO. MUCH. FUN. I don't have a table...but figure I could work that out later. I never even thought about painting them fun colors like these. So many fun things to consider... :)

Picture from this fun blog!