Birmingham Real Estate

New listing on the market in Birmingham for $310,000. :)


In the bedroom

I was looking through some local real estate and thought this shuttered headboard was so pretty. I think the rug is the same one I have in my basement playroom. Never thought about using it in a bedroom...

Re-thinking Southern Living Magazine

I may have to re-think letting my Southern Living subscription expire. Eleanor Griffin, who used to be Editor in Chief at Cottage Living...is now EIC at Southern Living. With pictures like this...I'm starting to get a little bit excited about what the possibilities might be.


oh my

(first seen on Desire to Inspire...source unknown)


My House

I was playing around with my camera this morning and took a few shots inside my house. I'm working on painting a cabinet I have (color is a mix of BM Kingsport Grey, LA Taupe and BM Antique White) and love the way it looks with these blue pieces I picked up at the the thrift store a couple of weeks ago. The paint was all leftovers I found in my garage...I'm liking this mix-my-own color thing.

My Mom gave me the plate and the starfish came from the thrift store.

One of my favorite yard sale pictures.

My kitchen.

Junior League Giant Yard Sale pillow...something like $2.

Yard sale painting of Birmingham Botanical Gardens (where I was married)

Yard sale cowhide...

Salvation Army painting...$1.99

Curtains and rod...free from my sweet friend Jesse...previous owners left behind in his new condo and he didn't want them.