Go to your room!

All these pictures came from a Flickr group with lots of kid rooms. Only about half my pictures would load. So many more cute ones here .


Beach Houses

I am crazy-in-love with this beach house.
I'm just going to pretend this is mine
and then maybe
Donna will let me be. ;)

From here on down are pictures from different houses.

I recognize this room from Southern Living or Coastal Living Magazine.

{all pictures from Rosemary Beach site}



I am not so good at this blogging thing. I apologize. I would much rather read about what others are doing. As soon as I get a bit behind...I really let things slide. Thanks for all your sweet comments...I will respond soon. But for now...I am enjoying our beautiful winter day with no pressures of doing anything I don't have to do.

I found this picture on-line and can only wish we might have these views.