sweet perfection

I can't even begin to describe how fast my heart beats when I see pictures like this. :)

credit to Coastal Living Magazine



I find it funny that these pictures are from 2 different houses...aren't those labs and beagles in both pictures? I think I would smile everytime I walked into one of these rooms. I can only imagine my husband's thoughts on this idea (and that is because he thinks I make over our pets way too much...and of course I do!) :)



plastic egg cuteness

This weekend I made one of these:

I totally copied it from some I've seen hanging on doors around town. Three bags of eggs from WalMart and a grapevine wreath from Michaels...total investment $8. Usually I have eggs and old wreaths laying around...this time I didn't. I simply hot glued them down and in about 30 minutes I had it hanging on the door.

The census lady came by yesterday and told me she "loved" it. That made me happy. :)

Then I was flipping through a new PBKids catalog this morning and saw this. Oh my. Big, fat, brown buffalo checks...my favorite. Reminds me of a chair in my previous post. Oh the places I could go with this yumminess.

This is the view out my window from where my computer sits...it's so beautiful this time of year.

I think most of the bluebirds in Alabama have taken up residence in my yard...I don't remember seeing so many before.

And here is a little (very old and crazed looking) vase I picked up for a dollar this weekend...sitting on one of a pair of dropleaf tables I bought several weeks ago at another yardsale. I'm having a hard time with these. The girl I bought them from said they had intended to paint and then use them in their beach house. Must be nice to have a beach house at the age of 23, 24, 25? Anyway...I asked her what color she would paint them and she said "perhaps a robins egg blue?" Oooooh. So that got me thinking. Don't know what I'm going to do yet...but I've got my thinking cap on. I saw a similar set on Ebay for $700...I paid $25 each. I'm not sure if these are worth anything, but it makes me nervous to think about painting them.

And that's it for today. My thoughts are done. :)


There's just something about a linen sofa...

Ginger Barber

Ellen Kennen site

house to home

city chateau blog

gracious southernliving blogspot

neiman marcus

country living magazine

picture via stylecourt

g-3 interiors


This last picture inspired me to bring up my linen sofa from the basement where it had been taking a break from dirty kids. It has inspired a mini-make-over of my living room. Bringing this sofa in...bumped my old one to the den...where it joined it's twin. Now...I'm thinking more slipcovers...in linen, of course. Something like this...

I checked them out in person today at Pottery Barn...just the 2 slipcovers are $1900...I already have the sofas. DH will be MOST PLEASED, I tell you...not! I could have them made...but the fabric alone for each sofa runs about $450 and the labor is another $300. Maybe I'll have a big ole fat yardsale? Yeah...that's the ticket.
Happy weekend to those who read. :)


Spring 09

Last week I went to a church sale and on my way home drove through a favorite neighborhood. Today, I'm going to pretend this is my house... :)

Another pretty one...

and this one has had a total make-over...the front is wowsa! (sorry, no pics of that) I snapped this because I liked the colors they used.

At my "real" house...we've been working on a little kitchen freshening-up. My husband has scraped the popcorn off the ceiling and painted it 1/4 strength, BM Woodlawn Blue. I think we are going to try something else...it's just not that exciting. You can see where it meets the full strength Woodlawn Blue on the walls. Not sure what we're going to do with the wall color...continue with it or do another shade of white. We've had this up several years and I'm very happy with it...but DH might be looking for a change.

The cabinets got a fresh coat of BM White Dove and now we are working on knobs. My original plan was to stain some wooden knobs a dark color, but I prefer the top lighter one...my husband's idea (because it is closer to the floor color).

I bought these cute framed recipes at the above mentioned church sale...4 for $1 each.

Can't decide whether or not I'm going to keep the plates up...

I bought these kalanchoe plants last week for $1.50 each at Brunos...my daughter added the artwork on my favorite $3 chalkboard from a FreeWill Baptist Church sale. The plant stand was $5 from an estate sale years and years ago. Funny how I can remember what I paid for things and where they came from. Most days I can't remember my own name. ;)

Thrift store I'm not sure what...need to paint the frame. I think it is in french and almost looks like a contents page for recipes.

Emma Bridgewater tins...25 cents each...thrift store.

I'm not exactly sure what the end result will be...but playing with all the elements I like helps me figure it all out. I have never been able to see the end result...it all depends on what I come across that inspires me.

The dogwoods are in full bloom around here...the view out my front door is gorgeous. Thank you sweet neighbors!