"Oh good gravy..."

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This room is right up my alley.
I recently bought 2 rattan chairs and a loveseat at a church sale for $75. The chairs are oversized and so comfortable and while the fabric is in perfect shape...it's not my idea of "yipee!".
I want to use the loveseat in my boy's room. More on that later.
Oooooh. I'm just noticing the pillows on the back
of the chairs...very nice.
It's funny, these chairs.
They are nothing I would have ever pictured having...but they just kind of jumped out at me. That and the fact that the sale was winding down and everything was 1/2 price. I could so picture them with a fresh new fabric and my kids lounging in them.
This picture feels like reassurance that I can make this work.
And that shelf of pictures...oh good gravy!
I use "oh good gravy" all the time...but I must give credit to my lovely friend Amber for that line...she uses it oh so well.



I'm in love with these colors together.
Oh, yes, I am. :)

from here: http://janetwilkins.wordpress.com/2008/05/24/old-doors-old-flowers/