painted closet idea

My 9 year old daughter
has been asking for a fresh coat of
in her bedroom.

She wants to do a deep brown and has been showing me ideas in the
Ben Moore paint deck.

This picture gives me an idea for her closet too...
what a lovely burst of color.

So, pardon me
while I just tuck this idea away
here on my blog.
My very own blog. :)

Meet Little Bill.

I saw him at our local humane society last week...he had the cutest face. He's only 6 months old...I could have sworn that he smiled at me through the glass. I'm "sort of" looking for another dog. Sort of. This could take months...even longer.

They had several, no, many dogs from a local puppy mill raid back in August. It was so heartbreaking...one precious long haired dachshund had no hair on her back, only on her underside and legs. The sweetest most soulful eyes...she just kept staring at me. I asked one of the volunteers if she had mange and would her hair grow back eventually? She told me they believed it was "urine burn". That happens when puppy mill owners stack the dog cages one on top of another and the dogs pee right down through the cages. The girl said most times the hair doesn't come back. She looked scarred. Can you even imagine? I really want that sweet girl, but fear I don't have the time a dog like that needs. I think my household would be too chaotic for her. So many sweet animals needing homes...I can't get my mind off of it.

Linda...while I was there a HUGE beautiful great dane went strolling by me...black and white...I thought of you! I could probably arrange to get him to you if interested. You KNOW you want another one. :)

And I did see Coco...mentioned below. She looked perfectly happy running around that place and one of the workers told me he didn't think they really wanted to get rid of her. As a matter of fact, she looked like a well-taken care of and loved little pork chop.


Lovely Bookshelves

This has got to be the best looking set of
I have seen in a while.
I love everything about it.
Especially the blue and brown
and touches of pink...
My bookshelves so need a makeover.
photo: Melanie Acevedo (via A Life More Fabulous Blog)


I wonder why her name is Coco?

Has it been that long since I have posted?
Yikes, I think it has!
My-oh-my...time just flies.
I'm recommitting myself to this house...time to get some stuff done.
Maybe I'll be here more to post.
But then again...maybe I'll be too busy finishing projects. :)

I was Petfinder surfing for a few minutes today and came across this little dog. Would you look at the face on her...she almost looks human!

I love you without even knowing you sweet Coco.