Slipcover Love

How pretty is this?

from here: http: //slipcoverdiva.blogspot.com/2008/09/wing-chair-beauty.html

Oh how I love a good slipcover! Happy Monday. :)


Seriously Pretty

via Garden Web, member lesmis


If I had only one word

to describe this, I'd pick...



Little Boy Room


{credit: Southern Living}


A kitchen with a view

One day...
I'm going to tear down my cabinets,
bust out the brick wall and have a view like this.
Yes...one day.
Yeah, right.

to see more of this house, go here


for future reference

I'm still trying to figure out what to do for chairs in my kitchen. I've got a farmhouse table, 2 chairs to be covered like in the picture, a bench and several chairs from my basement and dining room. And all that fabric I want to use somehow.

I never thought about chairs with covered seats to bring in the fabric. I never really considered a miss-match of white painted chairs either. But now I have. So, I'm just going to tuck this away for future reference (hopefully sooner than later) and I'll let you know what happens with this.

P.S. Joan...I did wash the fabric and it did shrink. I'm happy though...it washed up really well. I have rigged it up over my windows...just to be sure I don't get tired of it. So far so good. Although, my sweet husband did say it reminded him of something used in a bathroom. I have no idea where that came from...why or how...but I'm not even going to question it. I love the fabric and that is that. :)

{credit: Coastal Living via House of Turquoise}


Oh Ginger Barber...how I love thee work ye do.

I never tire of images from Ginger Barber decorated homes...

{images via: house beautiful}

{images via: cote de texas}

{images: House Beautiful}


Holiday Recipe

{credit 101 Cookbooks}

I'm going to dream about this recipe until I get to taste it.