Blues and Greens

source: Realty South

So loverly. :)



I love the idea of using some old shutters inside like this. My friend Amber pointed me in the direction of this blog from a store in Arizona. Lots of great pictures to inspire!


Kitchen Love

Good gravy do I like this kitchen.
Honestly, it's more like I love this kitchen.
And most of the other rooms in the house too.
I have never seen cabinets like these beside the stove.
...please gimme.
And the built-ins next to those botanicals...lovely. Gimme some of those too.

And the marble. oh, oh, oh.
gimme, gimme, gimme!!!!
The oversize hardware...fantastico!

See the rest of it right here.


Poi-ple Twoooo-lips

I bought this blue vase at the thrift store this week for $6.88. I really wanted some white tulips but WalMart was fresh out. I think these purple ones are probably even lovlier than the white.
My husband just called from WalMart...I told him to look for white tulips...to match all the white snow we got today. Plus, I have another empty vase that needs to be filled. It has been a snowy and most beautiful day here in Birmingham.

My daughter pointed out the man on the tree next door with snow on his eyebrows...


Wreath Love

(click to see the whole thing...sorry 'bout that.)
I love this wreath. For instructions...go here and read more from her lovely blog.


Oh Southern Accents Magazine...

How I miss you.
I feel so empty without you and others in my life.
:( (cue the tear running down my cheek)

{click to view the whole beautiful picture}
Southern Accents Magazine